Why Trump’s Department of Education pick has so many upset

This week, President-elect Donald Trump announced his appointment of Betsy DeVos as education secretary. Although Trump’s appointments must be confirmed by the Senate in order to become official, many are upset with DeVos’ new prospective position.

An article by the Detroit Metro Times labeled the decision as “the opposite of ‘drain the swamp,'” a term regularly used by the Trump campaign to describe his plans to rid the government of corruption. Despite his previous rhetoric, DeVos appears to be considerably connected to politics and political funding, according to the article:

“Through their Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, the clan has given millions to GOP campaigns and conservative causes over the years, and is one of the largest contributors to the Michigan Republican Party.”

In addition, experts and educators have raised concerns that DeVos appears to be “against public education.” According to an article by PoliticusUSA, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, expressed disappointment in the choice via Twitter. “Trump has chosen the most ideological, anti-public ed nominee since the creation of the Dept of Education,” Weingarten tweeted following the announcement.

Even Breitbart, whose CEO Steve Bannon was recently appointed to chief strategist blasted DeVeo for her support of the Common Core. “Anti-Common Core grassroots groups of parents and teachers urged Trump to abandon DeVos as his choice, citing her support for the education reform policies of pro-Common Core,” the alt-right news site reported. Trump had originally stated during his campaign that he was against the Common Core, and planned to dismantle the Department of Education.

For now, we’ll see how Trump’s remaining cabinet appointments play out as his controversial first moves as president-elect continue.


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